Not able to set your planer knives perfectly?? Add up a planer blade setting jig to your tool set and wash out all your doubts about knives properly set or not. Add extra life to your knives which are not set properly by setting them up with blade setting jig. If the knife is set precisely at its place, it will not dull abruptly in short period of time and hence the performance of your Planer & Jointer Machine will be optimised in the long run.

A pair of adjustable magnetic planer jointer knife blade setter jig gauge makes installation of planer and jointer knives quickly in a trouble free manner. It can be used either for mounting High Speed Steel (HSS) planer knife or Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) knives perfectly in your cutting machine. HSS blades are very sharp and yields smoothest planning results while TCT knives are relatively less sharp but remain sharp 5 times longer than HSS knives.

Planer blade setting jig comes with highly accurate planer knife vernier setting for optimum results. Its Magnetic feet attach solidly to the cutter block and hold the knife with strong magnets as intended. Knife held up securely by magnets of cutting jig leaves your hands free to work on the jibs and cutter block. It comes with easy locking Swivel feet and can accommodate block diameters ranging from 65mm to 125mm. With adjustable and lockable micrometer setting and magnetic feet, all the knives in the cutting block can be set accurately to the same height.

Planer Setting Jig
Planer Setting Jig

A properly installed planer knife will last for a longer time. If the knife is not installed properly, it will still cut but will die out soon and will result in high incurred cost eventually. In case you are searching for one, we’ll be happy to cater you. We offer fast delivery service worldwide. Moreover, all of our machines, and most other brands too, are supplied with a low cost knife setting tool.


Woodford Tooling offers you planer blade setting jigs at very low cost. The jigs can be used with most planers, thicknessers or combination machines. All you need is access to the cutter block, in most cases this means lifting up the planer beds or removing one of the tables completely. In the centre of the jig is a setting rod with another magnet for holding the tip of the blade, during setting.

Easy way of Installing of Planer Knives:

Installing a new sharp knife using planer blade setting jig not only makes your hands free but also keeps you safe from injuries. You can also reinstall your old knives if you feel they are not accurately fixed to the cutter block. Usually cutter block is fitted with 3 or 4 planer knives.

Go through your machine manual in order to find out how much part of the knife should be revealed out the cutter block. Unplug your machine from power supply.

Finding Out Zero Default Value:

Loosen up the set screw knobs at the top of the jig. Place the planer blade setting jig in the center of the cutter block. You have to carefully place each jig at the same place on the cutter block so that your knives’ height couldn’t vary from end to end. Varying height of knives could affect efficiency and produce inconsistent and undesirable planning results.

After properly positioning the jig, secure the centre bar by tightening the set screw knob. Record the setting of the jig somewhere. This is zero value of the jig as per your cutter block.

Repeat this for all the jigs. You could further fine tune the jig according to your instruction manual of machine with the help of micrometer attached to the jig in order to fix it most accurately.

Installing Knives:

Remove the old planer knife and clean up the cutter block and the gib. After cleaning, applying a thin oil coat will avoid corrosion in the long run.


Replace the old worn out knife with your new knife. Keep the knife slightly above the others for allowing the jigs to “push” the knife into proper position. Next, tighten the gib bolts just enough to allow for movement.

If you are placing more than one jig, make sure that they are equidistant from each other i.e. placed evenly at equal distance.
Once all of the jigs are set in the proper position, secure all the gib bolts one at a time gradually. Turn each bolt a single time and move to the next bolt. If bolts are not accessible due to jig placement, complete securing all of the other bolts and then try to secure the inaccessible bolt.

Repeat this process for all remaining knives.

Your knives are installed properly now.

Important: If for any reason your knives have been re-set higher than before, it is an absolute must that the chip breaker and feed rollers be adjusted so they are below the level of the knives at the bottom of “dead centre”. For more information on how make this adjustment, refer to your planers owner manual.

Dull and worn out knives defines the efficiency and productivity of your machine. So, in case you want to replace your old and dull knives, catch up with us and order new planer knives. We are largest stockiest of planer knives and that’s why we provide our customers with best section options.