A good professional or compassionate owner just does not want to take any chance while opting for a home for their animals. Selecting a suitable barn is a crucial decision that should not be taken in haste.

How to decide whether a pole barn or a timber frame barn is good for your animals? Well, the answer is bit tricky. But, before coming to any conclusion, let us understand the pro and cons of both of these barn building techniques.

The Pole Barns:

The pole barn building style involves the usage of simple poles made up of wood for building barn structure. These are usually prefabricated ones and shipped to your doorsteps in packaged project or wood pole barn kits. All the materials and the guided plan/design are included in these Kits. You have to follow the plan for making the pole barn of your choice.

Pros of pole barn:

  • These are generally prefabricated.
  • The pole barn construction is very fast.
  • As compared to timber frame or steel frame, the pole barns are very low in cost. So, these are the most affordable and preferred type of barns.

 Cons of pole barn:

  • You have to select a design out of limited set of designs that meets your set of requirements and matches your style.
  • You cannot select the type of wood to be used for making your barn here.
  • Some areas may have zoning restrictions on how wide or tall you can build pole barns as large poles need to be dug in soil which serves as the foundation of pole barns.
  • You cannot have any basement in pole barn style.
  • These are not regarded as safe for animals as the wood decays, breakage, erodes leads to sanitization problems which needs to be attended from time to time.
  • These barns acts as temporary shelters and are not very long lasting but can provide temporary solution for 15 to 20 years approximately.
  • In case you are looking for horse barns for long period of time, pole barns may not be the best solution.

  The Timber frame barns:

The timber frame barns can last for many years and can be passed from one generation to another as these are very durable and sturdy. In this style, the frames are completely made of wood and are jointed to one another at right angles accurately using timber woodworking tools.

Pros of timber frame barn:

  • These types of barns are considered as the strongest ones and provide a lifetime permanent solution.
  • Generally, good quality of heavy wood is used for making timber frame barns and you can select the specific type of wood of your choice out of various species of wood ranging from Pine to Douglas fir.
  • You can customize your barn here and make your barn beautiful, elegant and classy.

Cons of timber frame barn:

  • The timber frame barn is quite expensive to afford as compared the pole barn.
  • As the timber frame is based on fitting precisely cut wood pieces into one another, you need a skillful well qualified expert woodworker for making your barn.

After having a clear understanding of pro and cons of both the styles of building wooden barns, you can now confidently decide whether you want a pole barn or a timber frame barn depending upon various factors like your storage need, amount of money and the time you have for building the barn.

A pole barn would be a great option indeed if you want an urgent low cost storage or shelter for your livestock. A stylish timber frame barn will definitely be a wonderful asset to pass on to your next generation if you have money and some time in hand.

Whichever style you prefer, you will need the related woodworking tools for making your barn. You can either buy these tools separately as per the requirement or can buy them together as woodworking tool set. These woodworking tools can be purchased from any authentic source or you can place your order with us.