Timber is the naturally available, low cost insulating material that is extensively used for building furniture, houses and outdoor structures. The most common species of wood used for timber frame homes are white pine, red and white oak, and Douglas fir, cypress and cedar

Timber frame usually refers to a system of panelised walls and floors structure produced from small timber studs and clad with board products where the timber frame transfers the vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations.

Wood Tools for Timber Framing:


Timber framing is known for building huge sturdy structural framework of wood and uses so many woodworking tools for that purpose. Timber framing tools can be categorized broadly into hand tools and powered tools.

Hand Wood Tools Used for Timber Framing:

Framing Chisels: Chisels are indispensible part of timber framing. Chisels should be selected carefully for making deep precise cuts. Usually, framing chisels are of 1-1/2, 2 or 3 inches, with long sturdy handles that can withstand heavy blows of iron hammers or mallets.

Hammers and Mallets: Hammers used for timber framing are heavy duty rip hammers having a straight claw. Number 2 or number 3 mallets are generally used for hitting, fixing or tapping the wood. Mallets and hammers with wood heads are lighter than the iron or steel headed ones.

Measuring Tape and Carpenter’s Square: A good measuring tape and carpenter’s square help you to measure length and angles accurately that results in properly cut wood pieces.

Drill: A drill machine is an important hand powered tool used to bore holes in wood for making a mortise or drilling holes or slots for the wooden pegs, which hold mortise and tenon joints together during wood framing.

Powered Tools Used for Timber Framing:

Powered tools are always great in saving your time and increasing your productivity so that you can look ahead for new upcoming projects.

Circular Saw: These professional saws are fitted with toothed circular blades that can make square and beveled cuts and can be set to any desired depth for the purpose of cutting timber very quickly and smoothly. The most used circular saws for timber framing are the 7-1/4″, 10-1/4″ or the 16″ circular saws.

Band Saw: It is an efficient power saw with a long and band like sharp blade having metal tooth stretched between two wheels. Portable handheld bandsaws are preferred in timber framing as these are light in weight and can be carried to the construction site for curving and squaring timbers or the cutting of joineries.

Chain Saw: These saws cut by rotating a chain of saw blades around a guide bar quickly. Electric chainsaws are quieter and lighter than fuel powered chain saws, vibrate less, produce no exhaust, and don’t require any special pre-mixed fuel to be kept around the construction site.

Chain Mortiser:  Timber framers love to use chain mortiser for creating perfect mortise and tenon wood joinery in a matter of couple of minutes.A chain mortiser cuts larger mortises, with the help of a chain fitted with cutters, just like a chainsaw’s chain that keeps rotating within a frame. The mortise is clamped to the wood piece and dug into it in order to remove out the required amount of wood for mortise.  These chains are available in various widths along with number of chains that are parallel. The solid or tipped tungsten carbide tooth last longer and are generally preferred.

Power Planers: These perform the activities of simple hand planer powered by electricity. So, powers planers are capable of reducing the heavy load of planing wood on a large scale in a short period of time. Select an electric planer that makes about 15,000 or more rotations in a minute. You can select the blade size as per your requirement.

Woodworking Router: A router is a versatile power tool that routs or hollows out wood from the selected area from wood pieces. Fixed base routers can do many things like routing the outside of wood piece, create a stylish molded edge like chamfers, cleaner rabbets, grooves, and dadoes in a really short duration of time.

These are the basic timbering tools widely used in the timber industry. Sharp tools are always an asset for your workshop so make sure these are always sharp for producing the best results. In case, you want to replace any dull blade, you can buy from local woodworking outlet or else select from some authentic online source.

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