T Track 36" Universal T-Track

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36" OR 915mm T-Tracks for Router Table Saw, Miter Saw, Bandsaw 36" (91.44cm) clear anodized 6063-T5 aluminum small or mini T-track (t-slot). The anodized finish offers longer life, corrosion resistance and smoothness to the track which reduces friction.

This unique multi-use track offers smaller size and durability when designing your woodworking / metalworking jigs. This specialty "T" Track allows you to slide in 1/4"-20 hex head bolts to mount, position, and hang clamps and fixtures. To Reposition Clamps and Fixtures, Loosen the Bolt and Slide to new position.

The Mini T-Track system uses a standard 1/4"-20 shaft bolt in 3/8" width hex head size or T-bolts ( sold separately). Still no hard to find locking devices are needed.

Our Mini T-Track is ideal for Positioning Jigs, Stops, and Hold-Downs, great for those tedious jobs on your work bench, router table, band saw, drill press, dovetail jig, table saw and more. Pre- drilled and countersunk holes every 3 inches for easy mounting with #8 pan head screws or glue. Dimensions are 36" long x .49" tall (OD) x .475 wide (ID) x .730" wide (OD), SEE CORNER OF GALLERY PICTURE FOR EXACT MEASUREMENTS TO THE .009"

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