6” Cabinet Scraper 150 X 50mm

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CABINET SCRAPER BLADE150 X 60 X 0.8 MADE GERMANY CARVING WOODWORKING Guaranteed Quality Cabinet Scraper. Perfect Replacement for IRWIN Marples MAR2451 M2451, Faithfull FAIWSCS150, Bahco BAH474150060, BAHCO 474 Cabinet Scraper This size Card Scraper is a very versatile scraper for Woodworking, Woodturning, Leatherwork and Pyrography. It can replace a stack of sandpaper and can make quick work of smoothing and leveling a surface. We also have Scrapers also available in 2" - 3" widths and in sets of 3. Woodturners making pens will find the 50mm size scraper perfect size for getting a pen barrel level, as it is the right width for a standard 50mm barrel. Makes a much better, level surface than can be turned prior to final sanding. When Wood is viewed through a microscope, it shows that wood is made from groups of translucent tubular cells that run along parallel with the grain. By sanding wood the tubes tear and fill with dust and sanding abrasive, whilst this is often used to our advantage, it does inhibit and change the natural light penetration and refraction. This problem was recognised long ago and traditionally craftsman then used glass as scrapers instead of sanding. As Scrapers offer a solution to the problem, because they efficiently cut through the tubular cells cleanly, leaving a cut surface rather than an abraded one, another and noticeable advantage especially on turned wood, is that a scraper will make a wider flatter surface that is difficult the achieve through sanding. Woodturner's and Carvers will find the Kidney / Gooseneck scrapers very useful as they are excellent for the inside of bowls and curved surfaces. A "must" for woodworkers! Made from high quality carbon steel, cold rolled, hardened and tempered, and with specially ground cutting edges. Ideal for smoothing hardwoods, removing paint and varnish etc. Flat Profile Cabinet Scraper. Size: 150 x 62mm (6 x 2 1/2in).
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Size150 X 50mm
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