Concave Convex Hollow Cabinet Scraper

Wood Cabinet Scraper Concave Convex Hollow 140 x 50 x 0.8mm. UK Made. W3341 The Convex/concave scraper (2" x 6") can obviously be used at either end to fit hollows and rounds. It may also be used as a flat scraper along its parallel edge. The points at the concave end are ideal for scraping in narrow grooves. All scrapers are 0.030inch/ 0.77mm cold rolled hardened and tempered chrome nickel steel with a hardness of 40/42 Rockwell C. This specification gives good edge retention while allowing the "spring" of "flex" in the blade which gives the user control of the tool. A "must" for woodworkers! Scrapers have rounded edges to prevent accidental digging in your work. To renew cutting edges, simply joint the edge flat with a file and burnish to form a slight hook angle. Ideal for removing tool marks and prepare wood surfaces for finishing better than sandpaper. Specifically for carpentry work Ideal for removing old paint used for finishing curved areas such as spindles and chair legs.
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Size140 x 50 x 0.8mm
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