Are you tired of your planer knives? Are you looking for some powerful equipment that can enhance the productivity of your business? Then you have come on the right spot. DeWalt Planer blades are the finest that you can purchase.

In this article, we have shared some useful knowledge about how to change the blades of DeWalt planer.

  • To get started with the process, you should always disconnect the DeWalt Planer from its source. By doing so, you are saving not only you, but also your stand bys.
  • Raise the thickness arm to a setting of 1 ½ inches and lock it tightly in its place.
  • Now eliminate the cutting head cover from the rear of the planer blade by loosening the screw at each side.
  • Gently rotate the cutting head cylinder to expose the nearest cutting blade set screws. Now loosen the screws using the wrench.  Half turn the screws clockwise to free them from the cutting table.
  • Now pull the old cutting blade from the cutting head cylinder slowly. Care should be taken when you are removing old blades and handling new ones as chances of injury are increased when you deal with extremely sharp edges.
  • Now insert the new planer blade into the cutting slot and push it down carefully to ensure it sits well in the opening.
  • Now again, tighten the four screws using a wrench when you are done with fixing it into the slot.
  • Rotate the cutting head cylinder forward to ensure it is firmly fixed in its position.

Those were some simple steps that you can follow to replace the DeWalt planer blades. They are quite easy and simple. But care should always be taken when you are dealing with extremely sharp blades as they can harm you and others as well.  Always perform it under the under the expert guidance, if you are doing it for the first time. However, if you are not aware how to do it right, you may also seek professional help and assistance.

DeWalt Planer Blades are extremely useful and powerful tools that can be used for personal and professional reasons. They are not only effective but also easy to use. These blades offer great functionality with minimal efforts.  Moreover, they last longer comparatively to others.  When these blades have so much to offer, what are you waiting for then?

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