Woodstar PT106 HSS Planer Blades Knives 260mm SLOTTED for Woodstar Planing machine

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Woodstar PT106 HSS 260mm Planer Blades SLOTTED for Woodstar S701S1

These are HSS Planer Blades to suit the WOODSTAR PT106 planer machines using the Planer Blades and a wide range of other planer blocks from 4 sided moulders to surface thicknessers.

  • Blade Length: 260mm
  • Blade Width: 22mm
  • Blade Thickness: 1.75mm
  • Material: High Speed Steel / HSS
  • Finish: Ground surfaces with 0,4 Ra finish

These are the industry standard 18% cobalt and are supplied in matched pairs in plastic packaging for transportation protection. Most other standard lengths of HSS planer blades can be found within our online shop. Xcalibur’s highly automated production process guarantee 100% controlled precision blades that are dispatched to the customer at the best price-performance ratio with a short lead time.

Xcalibur Blades are the best solutions using High quality HSS and carbide for ultra-hard cutting extremely sharp blades in many of todays of woodworking applications.  In order to always meet the many of today’s demanding application requirements of customers to optimize the tool efficiency in the best possible way, Xcalibur is placing special emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement in the production of our planer blades.

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