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Tersa Knives and Planer Blades - Production and Quality

Woodford Woodworking  machinery and Tooling Ltd Supply a complete range of tooling as a  one stop source for all Tersa blades, Planning Blades Band saw blades and router cutters are  just some of our main products.   As we cut all our Tersa Blade knives and planer blade knives from Tersa on the roll to planer blades in long lengths, Then pack the planer  blades and Tersa Blades to the individual customer requirements  on a daily basis we can supply any length of Tersa  and planer blades within minutes if required to meet our customer demands.

Our flexibility in meeting customer demand  with Tersa and planer knives  means we can supply any length of blades to fit any woodworking machinery  with in the same day for dispatch meaning our customer don’t have to carry large and expensive stocks of  woodworking Tooling just sat on the shelf.

Tersa Knives available are Genuine Swiss Hss very high quality high speed steel precision ground to extra fine tolerances For a  high quality finish on general Joinery and furniture production.

Tersa Genuine Swiss M42+ special designed High cobalt Tersa blades for longer life span for use on timber such exotics as  hard woods  giving an extra 35% life more than the standard Tesa Hss

Planer Knives  We only supply High Tungsten T1 18% high quality knives for our wood working machinery  or solid high grade Tungsten planer knives for our Hand held such as Dewalt  Makita Bosch  , We are able to match our customer requirements on a daily basis by cutting every planer blade in house ourselves and shipping  the same day to give top quality customer service to match our top quality planer and Tersa blades  We can cut a, our Tersa and Planer blades to fit any woodworking machine Such as SCM, Wadkin, Rojek ,Sedgwick,Weinig and many more.

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