Planers have become necessary equipment in most of the woodworking workshops or for woodworkers.  It’s a great versatile tool which can be used surface planning, wooden edges planning and much more. As planers are being for many applications, demand of planer knives is very high and there are various qualities of planer blades available in market.

When you buy planer knives, there are few things which you should consider.  In the following article, we would like to give you some tips; so that you should purchase the right quality planer blades.

There are various types of quality for planer blades but here are two of them which are widely used. Here are these two types which you can buy from Woodford Tooling:

  1. HSS Planer Knives (High Speed Steel)
  2. TCT Planer Knives (Tungsten Carbide Tipped)

The main difference between HSS planer blades and TCT planer blades is sharpness of cutting edges and service life. If you need to create very smooth surfaces, we recommend you to buy HSS Planer knives – These are very sharp.  However, if you are looking for longer service life of the blades, you should buy TCT planer knives. Their edges are tipped/ coated with tungsten carbide which increases the life of the blades keeping great sharpness.

We, at Woodford Tooling, sell quality planer blades and ship to Worldwide. We are proud to be the largest stockist of planer blades in UK; so it’s hard to beat our prices with the quality we offer. If you already know the size of planer blades, click here else you can buy them by machine model from here.

If you need further assistance, please contact us and one of our technical advisers will assist you with any query which you may have.