2360mm X 1 X 3TPI Bandsaw Blade

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2360mm X 1" X 3TPI Bandsaw Blade

Bandsaw's being such a versatile tool has become an integral part of any woodworking. Any respectable wood shop has one. Whatever your saw, it is only as good as the blade you put in it, so always use the best - and at the correct cutting speed too of course! A bandsaw is a great addition to any workshop, so much so that it should be your first choice when it comes to cutting timber as it's safe, easy to set up and use, and is extremely versatile.

Getting a balance between a good finish and a decent feed rate are the two objectives in determining how many TPI or teeth per inch you want. 6-8 range is a good 'general purpose' blade. 2 or 3 TPI for re-sawing and thicker materials. 4 to 6 TPI for coarse, fast wood cutting duties in typical 3/4" material a range of between 14 TPI for slower, smoother cutting. 18 - 32 TPI for thinner metals and plastics under 1/4"

This formulae gives you the closest possible blade length, Set the pulleys or wheels in working position; Measure the center to center distance of the drive wheels.(C) ;Measure the radius of the upper and lower drive wheels. (R1 & R2). Using this blade length can be calculated by below formulae.

Blade Length = (R1 X 3.146) + (R2 X 3.146) + (2 X C)"

Excellent track record and high customer base across the globe puts our Industrial Bandsaw blades on par with likes of Scheppach, Draper, Starrett, Lumberjack, Silverline, Elektra Beckum Bandsaw Blades. We also offer custom pack with / without varying width and TPI combination of multiple blades in Twin pack, Triple pack and pack of 5 blades for straightwood cutting bandsaw blades. Batch buying allows in bigger discounts from nominal pricings.

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